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redone truck 1 .jpg
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redone baler 1.jpg
redone compactor 1.jpg
redone compactor 2 .jpg
redone compactor 2.jpg
redone compactor 3 .jpg
redone compactor 4.jpg
redone compactor 5 .jpg
rebuild truck .jpg
on site build.jpg
installed compactor 1.jpg
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compactor 4 .jpg
compactor 5.JPG
brookdale install.JPG
compactor 3 .jpg
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boscovs pic 1.jpg
baler 3 .jpg
ash recycle center pic 7.jpg
ash. recycle center pic 5.jpg
ash. recylcle pic 3.JPG
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baler 1.jpg
baler 2.jpg
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ampliroll truck 1.jpg
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Why Choose Us?

RETS Inc is a full service and sales provider of equipment related to the refuse and recycle industry. We provide equipment to the private industry and municipal markets in both mobile and stationary design. Since 1988 Refuse Equipment and Truck Service has proven to be a reliable, trustworthy, honest company to do business with. We strive to treat the customers fairly. Having close to 90 years of combined experience the RETS team members are knowledgeable and trained to high standards so no customer is disappointed in the work or service we provide. Doing work in Ohio, Western PA and Western New York allows us to manage and maintain a large customer base. Here at Refuse Equipment we will continuously strive to provide dependable, prompt services to all of our valued customers.
Thank you for being part of our RETS Inc family!

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